Develop the best process for storage stability testing
in the pharmaceutical industry and make it available worldwide.


Nagano Science is a Japan based solution provider for storage process of stability testing.
With a half-century experience in pharmaceutical industry, we are the trusted partner for many pharmaceutical companies with up-to-date knowledge and insights about guidelines and industry trends. Our vision is "Develop the best process for storage stability testing in the pharmaceutical industry and make it available worldwide."


Continuous Evolution


Pursuing the Best Stability Storage Process, and Expanding Globally



PIC/S GMP compliant chamber designed with risk and science-based approach

QUALINAS is developed to optimize your stability testing process.
It's expandable, high space efficiency with data integrity support.

Stability Testing Chamber QUALINAS

High-quality Space Lifecycle Management

The basic concept of stability storage is what samples are placed in a high-quality environment being ensured precise temperature and humidity over an entire period. With the great expertise and knowledge in Japan, Nagano Science has developed 3 technologies to ensure optimized space and its performance assures even under fully loaded conditions. In addition to the technologies, we offer high-quality space lifecycle management.

High-quality Space Lifecycle Management

A monitoring system dedicated to pharmaceutical stability testing condition is integrated with the chamber.
Monitoring data, chamber condition data, various metadata and daily operation records are securely collected to optimize stability testing process with risk and science-based approach.
The system also makes it possible to manage the data lifecycle comprehensively; from data integrity and Computerized System Validation compliance to proper data management and utilization.

Stability Testing Walk-in Chamber ATX

Walk-in Chamber ATX series are suitable to store big, heavy and large number of drug products for your storage stability testing.
Depending on your requirement of size, we can customize shapes of room and internal shelf layout for maximum validated sample storage space.



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